CH Destiny's Warrior Princess "Xena"

CH Starsen Geez Germaine! x GCH Destiny's Mixed Chick

_MG_4292 7months.jpg



01/11/15 BOS for a 3 PT MAJOR Kachina Kennel Club

02/6/15 WB for 2 pts Sahuara Kennel Club 

02/14/15 WB for 2 pts Plum Creek Kennel Club

03/07/15 WB for 2 pts Garden City Kansas Kennel Club

03/13/15 WB for 1 pt Leavenworth Kennel Club

03/14/15 BOW for 4 pt MAJOR Heart of America Kennel Club

03/28/15 WB for 1 pt Scottsbluff Kennel Club



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