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GCH Destiny's Astronomical Kid ROM "Astro"

GrCh Dartan on Fire Again x Destiny's Eye's of Fire

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Astro copy.JPG
Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 12.04.49 AM.png
Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 9.34.20 AM.png

5/26/12 WD for 1pt Ft Myers Kennel Club

6/23/12 BOW for 4pts Central FL Kennel Club

11/15/12 WD for 2pts Seminole Dog Fancier Association

12/12/12 WD for 1pt Space Coast Kennel Club

12/14/12 WD for 1pt Brevard Kennel Club

1/26/13 WD for 3 pt major Greater Gainsville

2/15/13 BOW for 4pt major and new CH Lakeland Winter Haven KC

2/16/13 SD for 4pt GCH Major and CH defeat Lakeland Winter Haven KC

2/17/12 BOS for 4pt GCH Major and CH defeat Sara Bay KC

Astro is 2 singles away from his GrCH with very limited showing

Astro's CH Pointed Champion Kids

Destiny's Girl On Fire

6 pts with a 4pt major

GCH Destiny's Fallen Star


GCH Destiny's Maxime You Are The Greatest


Guichon's Blonde Bombshell

CH Destiny's Cosmic Kid


CH Misti's Call Me Maybe



GCH Destiny's Stealing Hearts

BISS GCH Chinchar's Hard To Resist

Misti's Breaking The Ice

9 pts with both majors


CH Chinchar Full Moon Madness

CH Infinity Atom Smasher

CH Misti's Outta This World

coming soon

CH Misti's The Part Of Waking Up

Guichon's 24K Magic

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