Retired But Not Forgotten 

This page is dedicated to special dog and bitches that are no longer active breeders in our program but continue to live on in our program

CH Destiny's Eye's of Fire "Carly"

CH Rebound Konfederate ROM x Destiny's Forbidden Fruit

Carly is our 1st second generation Bred-by bitch and has truly become one of our most valuable foundation bitches. She is truly a beauty. We have valued her breed type and soundness and the incredible puppies she has given us thus far. She has 3 champion get out of 2 litters. She is now retired and living her life out as a lap dog. We thank her for all she did for our program, we could not have had a better foundation bitch!


CHIC#88021  Patella OFA- Normal

 Cardiac OFA- Normal  CERF- Normal


BISS Group Winning GCHS Destiny's Desire for Fire " Zoey"

GCH Dartan On Fire Again ROM x CH Dazzles Dare to Desire


We LOVE this girl! She has the total package for we had hoped for in this breeding. Zoey has a beautiful compact body, nice topline and tailset. Beautiful expression and great temperment too! Zoey finished with 4 majors!


Zoey has given us some very special wins including a toy group 3 and 2013 Smooth Best of Opposite Sex for Chihuahua Club of America National Specilaty! 



CHIC#85442  Patella OFA- Normal

 Cardiac OFA- Normal  CERF- Normal


GCHB Destiny's Mixed Chick "Ali"

GCH Dartan N Wincoo Ambassador x Rebound Dust Bunny


Ali finished her CH undefeated in 5 shows with two 5pt majors, two 4pt majors and a nice specialty win from the 6-9 moth puppy class! We are so proud of our little girl. She has lovely balance and movement as well as a superior show temperament. We will continue to let her show as long as she enjoys it and see where she will take us.



CHIC#88023  Patella OFA- Normal

 Cardiac OFA- Normal  CERF- Normal


CH Destiny's Defining Beauty "Venus"

BIS BISS Weavers Defining Moment ROM x Destiny's Eye's of Fire


Venus exudes breed type in every way ! finishing in just a few weekends out! We look forward to what she will bring us in the whelping box! Thank you so much Megan Boehm for letting us breed to your special guy Webster!



CHIC#Pending  Patella OFA- Normal

 Cardiac OFA- Normal  CERF- Normal


CH Brogansian Bowie (UK Import)

Brogansian Feel The Force x Amarose Flora


Bowie is imported from the UK and is line bred on the well known Delta Force. He is co-owned with our good friend Kristi Green of Knockout Chihuahuas. 


Bowie finished his AM Championship with 3 chihuahua specialty majors in a few shows here in the US. 


We are excited about this fusion of bloodlines and hope we can bring in a few of the virtues that the English lines are known for. Nice front shoulders, good bone, perfect sickles tails. 

Look for his puppies in the ring in 2017!


CHIC# Pending    Patella OFA- Normal/Clear

 Cardiac OFA- Normal/Clear  Pending  CERF- normal/clear

CH Destiny's Double Trouble " Cloey"

GCH Starsen N Mollnars America's Most Wanted

x GCH Destiny's Desire for Fire


5/11/14 BOW for a 1PT Macon Kennel Club

8/2/14 WB for 3pt MAJOR LA Kennel Club

8/3/14 BOW for 3pt MAJOR Metairie Kennel Club

9/13/14 WB for 2 pts Central Fl Toy Dog Club

9/14/14 BOW for 2pts Central Fl Toy Dog Club

10/25/14 BOW for 1 PT Brandon Kennel Club



CH Destiny's Princess Aurora "Rori"

Bronze GCH Winterfell Prince William of Ludi Hill x CH Starsen Havin A Ball


Rori is a very special girl out of one of the best dogs we ever had the honor to show as a special. She was gifted the wonderful quailties of soundness and free movement from both her parents. She finished in a handful of shows going over specials for 5 pt majors. We are very excited for what this girl will bring to us in the next phase of her journey in the whelping box.



CHIC#Pending  Patella OFA- Pending

 Cardiac OFA-Pending  CERF- Pending


Destiny's Princesses are Overrated "Kate"



Kate is a beautiful girl with BIG eyes and Ears! She has a wonderful sassy temperment! She is CH pointed but currenlty taking a break from the ring to have babies! Look for her late 2015! 


CHIC#PENDING  Patella OFA- Normal

 Cardiac OFA- Normal  CERF- Normal

CH Starsen Geez Germaine x CH Destiny's Princess Leia


CH Destiny's Warrior Princess "Xena"

CH Starsen Geeze Germaine!x GCH Destiny's Mixed Chick



01/11/15 BOS for a 3 PT MAJOR Kachina Kennel Club

02/6/15 WB for 2 pts Sahuara Kennel Club 

02/14/15 WB for 2 pts Plum Creek Kennel Club

03/07/15 WB for 2 pts Garden City Kansas Kennel Club

03/13/15 WB for 1 pt Leavenworth Kennel Club

03/14/15 BOW for 4 pt MAJOR Heart of America Kennel Club

03/28/15 WB for 1 pt Scottsbluff Kennel Club




CH Starsen Geez Germaine! ROM

JP CH/AM CH Artemis JP Atlas Lucifer x CH Starsen Geez Louise 


We are very pleased with this young stud! He has added sound structure and movement to our babies as well as great temperaments.


At the young age of 3 he has already produced 7 CH get and half a dozen more puppies in the ring pointed and working towards championship. We have no doubt that we will be an ROM producer in no time and look forward to our future with him



CHIC#85441  Patella OFA- Normal  

 Cardiac OFA- Normal  CERF- Normal