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Our Boys

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GCH Destiny's Astronomical Kid ROM

GrCh Dartan on Fire Again x Destiny's Eye's of Fire


We waited 5 years to keep back a bred-by male as nice as Astro with high hopes of him developing the TYPE that will be reccognized as Destiny's .


He has beautiful saucy breed type, and temperament. Perfect level topline, short back, and correct coat. We will be line breeding him back to the bitches we bred in the past 3 years and hope that he will truly be the foundation stud our program was built on. 


Astro now lives in Spain making beautiful babies. 

We have limited amount of frozen sperm that is available on a 1st come 1st serve basis 


CHIC#88021  Patella OFA- Normal

 Cardiac OFA- Normal  CERF- Normal

CH Infinity Atom Smasher 

CH Destiny's Astronomical Kid x Mollnar Geez Geraldine!

We are so excited to add Leo to our breeding program! He is the best of both our TOP Sires (Astro and Germaine) in one dog. He exudes type with his beautiful head piece and  compact outline. He is every breeders dream in soundness and free flowing movement! Can't wait to get his puppies in the ring. Co-owned with Stephanie VanGilder of Prestige Chihuahuas.

Leo is available at Stud to approved bitches


CHIC# Pending    Patella OFA- Normal/Clear

 Cardiac OFA- Normal/clear  Pending  CERF- Normal/Clear

CH Destiny's Lethal Weapon


CH Destiny's Astronomical Kid x Destiny's Princesses Are Overrated

Riggs is dripping in breed type. Small, compact, and beautiful! We have just started using him at stud and are loving his puppies so far. We are very excited to see the footprint he will put on our program in the years to come.

Look for his puppies in the ring in 2021!

Riggs is available at Stud to approved bitches


CHIC#     Patella OFA- Normal/Clear

 Cardiac OFA- Normal/clear  Pending  CERF- 


GCH Destiny's Beach Bum Benny

MBISS GCH Destiny's Astronomical Kid x Destiny's Sex On The Beach


Benny is our famous Astro's 20th Champion get. Benny finished very quickly with 5 pt majors.


CHIC# Pending    Patella OFA- Normal/Clear

 Cardiac OFA- Normal/Clear   CERF- Normal/Clear

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